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Jewell House NYC: Daria’s Usui Reiki Course

Family Community Culture Education


11:00 am – 2:00 pm

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Jewell House
46 E21st Street, 3FL New York, NY, 10010



PRICE: $300

Date: OCTOBER 28th

TIME: 11am-2pm

At this level the student is attuned and connected to the reiki source of energy. They will be capable of healing themselves and others who are present with you.

We cover history of Reiki and learn about applications of Reiki, receive an attunement and practice doing Reiki on yourself and others amongst participants. You will also learn to do your daily cleansing and the way you connect with Reiki. You leave class with a manual, first degree certificate including your lineage, trained to do Reiki on yourself, others, plants and animals.

The course includes:

You will be capable of healing themselves and others who are present with you.

We cover the history of Reiki.

Learn about different applications of Reiki.

Receive an attunement (ritual to be connected to Reiki).

Practice doing Reiki on yourself and others amongst participants.

Learn how to do your daily cleansing.

Learn how to connect with Reiki.

Leave class with:

A manual.

First-degree certificate including your lineage.

Training to do Reiki on yourself, others, plants, and animals.

Follow up questions after the class are always welcome.


What is Reiki?

The word “Reiki” has already existed in the late 19th century in Japan to describe Spiritual Life Force Energy that is applied for healing.

Man called Dr. Usui established a method to gather that life force energy after rigorous spiritual and buddhism studies and practices. He had a healing clinic and helped a number of people. Dr. Usui and his disciples established the Reiki treatment method over the years.

Now, more and more people are attuned to Reiki and experiencing it. Because Reiki is not like an organized Religion, it’s interpreted much more freely and adapted to global cultures, it does feel more flexible.

Similar healing methods have been in existence for ages all over the world wherever human cultures exist.

Many manuals mention that Reiki is Uni-versal but plenty of people who experience Reiki feel Multi- versal realities. The way that accesses your past and future, places, other-worldly visions and sensations in a moment shows us that Reiki is about limitless potential.


About Daria

Born in Kyoto, grew up in Yokohama, Japan.

I spent my youth days admiring modern art and daydreaming. Plenty of years have passed since I moved to the US.

I started to study Reiki when we all had chaotic experiences in the US, especially in NYC in 2001. When I joined a group session for the very first time, as soon as a Reiki practitioner started run the Reiki, I felt a jolt of electric current and vision of a spark flying out of my chest area. I became more curious to find what that’s all about and eventually got certified as a Reiki master/teacher in 2002. Over the years, I have added Kundalini Reiki, Green Tara Seichim, Silver Violet Flame, and Access Bars and other energy works to my practice.

When I’m not doing energy work, I like to cook, bake, ferment, forage, homebrew and balcony gardening. Check out my Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/dariaarao/

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