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Kodedama + Kreatures Show

Family Community Culture Education


6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Jewell House
46 E 21st St 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10010

Twice the Art: KinKa Artist Couple Preview Double Feature Exhibit at Jewel House 

EunYoung and Tom Sebazco will showcase their artful creations at Jewell House, with an Opening Reception, September 8th, featuring their Kodedama + Kreatures Show as part of “The Botanical Healing Power'' exhibition series.  

The New York Jewell House show runs through November 30th 2022.

The Jewell House exhibition by EunYoung & Tom is a curated arrangement of artwork, titled “The Floating Kokedama Forest and KINKA Kreatures” that are adventures of hidden curiosity. 

Jewell House is located in the Flatiron District, near the couple's KinKa store that opened in 2020 and has succeeded with plant and art and food aficionados in spite of the pandemic. Kinka is a welcoming front to the Maki Kosaka restaurant. 

Tom’s Kreatures characters were spawned during the “quarantine” of NYC for COVID. The Kreatures art evolved to become little plant monsters that are  the “creepy,” curious, little plantーlike minions whose mission is to protect and keep a watchful eye  on the plants in our big, beloved city. But because this is Gotham, the Kreatures have matured to be ever more  dramatic! 

The Kokedama Forest as presented by EunYoung will evoke  a mysterious, whimsical jungle space where Kreatures hop through and seek hope. The art of Kokedama – a  Moss ball,  originated from Japan which, in turn, inspired the Bonsai Planting Style and design as a “floating” garden. EunYoung  has been teaching how to create Kokedama as a living botanical art form  for the last 8 years, most recently at KinKa.  

In an added sensual experience, The Floating Kodedama Forest and KINKA Kreatures will incorporate a sense of magical audio via an originally-composed soundscape composed by LOVESEAT that is designed to awaken the imagination.

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